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Flying Squirrels, VCU Announce Agreement to Keep Minor League Baseball in RVA


The parties anticipate that the location of the new baseball stadium will be in close proximity to the current facility (The Diamond) in the City of Richmond, but off the city-owned 60-acre parcel.


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Updated RFQ Submission Logistical Guidelines


  1. The deadline for RFQ submissions has been extended to 5pm EST Monday, October 31st, 2016.
  2. In addition to the minimum of one paper copy of each applicants’ RFQ submission, the City requests applicants provide a digital copy of the same submission materials on either on a USB key or CD/DVD.

Welcome to The Boulevard RVA Project


The Boulevard site is one of few underdeveloped, publicly owned, large urban tracts of land in the Mid-Atlantic. It is near well-established neighborhoods, important community assets like the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Science Museum of Virginia, and sits at the intersection of Interstates 64 and 95. The City of Richmond views the Boulevard site as a prime location for transformative redevelopment, and an opportunity to significantly increase City revenue. The City is seeking a Master Developer to create a first class, high density, urban mixed-use development that meets community needs and acts as a catalyst for surrounding redevelopment.


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Project Vision and Principles

Richmond has a long history of being a city of unique and distinctive neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are the foundation of strong cultural and social identity. The City’s street grid system and human scale make walking easy and create opportunities for community connections. The Boulevard site can become an important connector of these neighborhoods while becoming a distinctive community of its own.

Surrounded by prominent and mature neighborhoods including the Fan, Northside, Ginter Park, Scott’s Addition, and Downtown, there is a new beginning – a second act of sorts – on the horizon for the City. The Boulevard site is well- poised for economic development that creates synergies between residents, job centers, tourism and retail experiences. There is the potential to use its deep roots in industry, academia, and technology to move into emerging niches within these areas and potentially many more.

As one of few underdeveloped, publicly owned urban tracts of land in the United States, the Boulevard offers an exciting opportunity for a transformative mixed-use development that will support ongoing economic and social development efforts vital to the city’s progress beyond the site. To be successful in these regards, the City desires a master developer which understands the magnitude and value the Boulevard site brings to the larger competitive position for the City and which will collaboratively work toward getting the development, timing, targets, mix, and potential, accurate.

Purposeful and innovative planning is the central vision for the Boulevard site to achieve its highest and best use. Current urban trends call for sustainable development that is inclusive for all to enjoy.

Property Description

The property available for redevelopment consists of approximately 61 acres and is comprised of six parcels owned by the City of Richmond. These parcels are currently zoned M-1 and are identified below:


Parcel N0001510012 was recently cleared of all buildings and made ready for redevelopment. It is currently an open, level, grass field.

The City is currently undergoing the same process for parcel N0001510013. All buildings and existing asphalt on this parcel will be removed within the next 12 months.

The Arthur Ashe Center is a City owned asset that may be re-located as part of the overall development plan, and Sports Backers Stadium, owned by Virginia Commonwealth University will also need to be considered as part of the re-development phasing as well.

Work Completed to Date

The City has recently completed several steps to advance this property towards redevelopment. These include a Preliminary Market Analysis of the Boulevard Site, a Community Engagement Report, and a Preliminary Infrastructure Analysis. These complete documents can be found below.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nick Feucht at:

Nick Feucht
Economic & Community Development

Any questions received will be posted and answered in our weekly FAQs, which you can find at the left link below. There will also be a site visit on September 19th, 2016, which you can sign up for at right link below.